A team of artists, coders, writers and musicians created this indie video game where you get to live a day in the life of a 17 years old kid, in 1994, somewhere in south-west Romania. Mobilizing their personal memories, gathering stories from others, artistic languages from that period, Life before Internet is our contemplation into a lost world, worth recuperating even for 30 minutes while playing our game. We provoke you to an adventure where time flies slow, boredom has no cure, distances are hard to cancel, memory is a trained muscle, the news about the world are almost absent and the future looks bright.

Irisz Kovacs, Adrian Cârciova, Sabina Țupan, Alexandru Maxim, Lucian Lupu, Diana Stanciulescu have recreated the visuals of the 90s, starting from cartoons, DIY photography, BD or MTV videos. The entire story of 17 years old Irina is created by Mona Bozdog, lecture in Immersive Experience Design at Abertay University in Dundee and Smaranda Nicolau, scriptwriter. The trigger for the game is composer Sillyconductor, who also wrote the entire sound score for the game. Ioana Păun, international theatre director, produced and curated the game, coded by Catalin Boitor (Hive Soft). The project is kindly supported and funded by the Ministry of Culture in Romania and by the National Administration of the Cultural Fund. 

This is just the beginning of a saga and we hope you enjoy it.